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Non-alcoholic pairings


Vegetable reduction & tea extracts

We are very fond of our alternative, non-alcoholic pairings. Jakob Petritsch and Sebastian Frank have developed a series of drinks that are always freshly prepared and perfectly suited to the respective menu. These are based on tea extracts, homemade vegetable juices, high-quality oils and reductions and are ideal for all those who like a different kind of drink. Of course, if you like, you can opt for pairings that include wines and non-alcoholic beverages.


Our creative drinks

Yellow beetroot juice & pumpkin seed oil

Champignon water & anis powder

Clear juice of root vegetable & smoked oil

Radicchio water & almond-lemon oil

Parsley root milk

Whey with horseradish, honey and camelina oil

Apple & Walnut

Eggplant, mint & parsley oil


Non-alcoholic pairings

Our non-alcoholic beverages complement the aromatic variety of Sebastian Frank's creative dishes and have become much more than simply an alternative to wine. Be inspired by our homemade non-alcoholic beverages and enjoy our perfectly matched creations!

All prices are in euros and incl. VAT.