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Sebastian Frank


An Austrian in Berlin

Sebastian first arrived in Berlin from Austria in 2010 when the restaurant's previous owners Edith Berlinger and Dietmar Schweitzer gave him his first job as head chef. He has been cooking here ever since and earned his first Michelin star in 2011. He later went on to earn three Toques and 17 Gault Millau points. He and his companion Jeannine Kessler took over the restaurant in 2014 and received a second Michelin star in November 2015.


Taste the Memories

Sebastian Frank associates cooking with childhood memories of his home. The Michelin-starred chef gives his own unique touch to traditional Austrian dishes, interpreting them in a modern and creative way. In his kitchen, vegetables are equal to meat and fish. They are all actors on an equal footing that can take on various roles depending on whether they are used to spice up a dish, lend consistency or play the lead. He has developed his very own unmistakeable style of cooking with vegetables. 


Your hosts

Head chef Sebastian Frank is the creative mind and inventor of "emancipatory" cooking and manages his team with boldness and passion. Each individual plate bears the signature that he has developed over the past years.

The restaurant manager and sommelier Jakob Petritsch works very closely with Sebastian Frank. He matches the menu with appropriate wines from Austria, Germany, Hungary and Eastern Europe, expertly complementing the culinary experience.

Sebastian Frank's companion Jeannine Kessler runs the 2-starred restaurant and keeps everything under control, ensuring that all the guests have a very special experience that they will never forget.