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Our wines hail from the former Austro-Hungarian empire. Host and sommelier Jakob Petritsch concentrates mainly on wines from Austria, Germany, Hungary, Slovenia, Serbia and Croatia and is always on the search for new discoveries. His wine list boasts wines by established producers but also provides a stage to younger, less known winemakers. In recent years, he has been going increasingly further east to find new wines to expand the list, which is not catalogued according to countries or grape varieties but according to different characteristics. The complex selection ranges from light, fresh and more traditional wines to ones that are oxidative, potent and "different". 

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Wine pairings

Jakob Petritsch is always pleased to recommend the perfect accompaniment for each dish on the chef's creative menu. This might be a wine that is in harmony with the starter or one that acts as a counterpart to a vegetable dish. If you like, you can opt for pairings that include wines and non-alcoholic beverages. 

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Jakob Petritsch – Host and sommelier

When the Austrian sommelier Jakob Petritsch moved from the mountains to the big city of Berlin and first entered our Michelin-starred restaurant, he was immediately enchanted by the food and unpretentious atmosphere. He was 26 years old and determined to contribute to the Austrian hospitality that Berliners can sample at HORVÁTH.

He has compiled a list that features wines from Austria, Germany, Hungary, Slovenia, Croatia and Bulgaria and is perfectly matched to Sebastian Frank's creative regional cuisine, highlighting the "Austro-Hungarian Empire" touch.

The extensive wine list comprises some 200 names but our guests do not need to be connoisseurs to find their way through. They can simply let themselves be guided and inspired by the descriptions. Of course, alcohol is not a must. We offer a very special alternative of freshly-prepared non-alcoholic beverages based on vegetable juices that pair up perfectly well with the menu.