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KuK [cook] Mahl

Video tutorial with Sebastian Frank

How does it work?

With the order confirmation we send a list of all the utensils you need for your home. Afterwards you arrange the desired date for picking up the box. During this cooking tutorial, all ingredients are made by yourself according to video instructions. The products for this come from us and the exclusive access for this video cooking lesson is included.

What is being cooked?

Mushroom cream with brioche, balsamic reduction and apricot stone oil - butter
Steamed kale with stuffed egg yolk and onion-herb béchamel
Saddle of venison rosé with roasted vegetable cream, roasted vegetable jus and smoked vinegar kohlrabi
Curd cheese dumplings filled with white chocolate and pumpkin seed oil - with spicy pear and lemon

How much does it cost?

A cooking box for 2 persons costs 129 € including access to the video tutorial by Sebastian Frank and the necessary goods. If you want to cook the menu for more than two people, we charge 39 € p.p. additionally.  

cooking box for 2 persons 129 €
Additional persons 39 € (selection up to 10 persons possible)

Pick up 2021:
fridays at the restaurant

Shipping is possible on thursdays with DHL Express Easy (Shipping costs: 30 €) and will be delivered on the following day until 12 pm.

We are recommending to store the groceries not longer than 24 hours and just start to cook!